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Q. What is the difference between Patent, PVC, and Leather material ?

A. Patent material has a very shiny, almost mirror like appearance.
PVC  is a man made material designed to be less expensive than leather. It also has a different texture and feel of more like Patent Leather
Leather is the highest quality material and it has a texture pattern. It also is very comfortable and supple.

Q. Can you Plain Wrap my package ?

A. Yes, All our footwear is shipped in a plain white box with our name De Mars Footwear.  No words of sexy is on the box.

Q. What if the shoes don't fit, can I return them ?

A. Absolutely. If the item is in stock.  We want you to be totally satisfied with our shoes. We process returns at no extra charge. Just return the merchandise in it's original condition within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Q. How do you convert a mans shoe size to a ladies shoe size?

A. Shoes fit differently. Our best rule of thumb is a two size increase. A mans 10D converts to a woman's 12 M. You might have to adjust from there based on the width of your foot.   Please check our conversion chart for more information.

Q. How do I walk in high heels ?

A. To look graceful when walking in high heels, take small steps. Do not take a long stride as you walk across the floor. It is also important to come down on the ball of your foot when you step. Do not walk on your heels, walk on your toes. Even though our heels are reinforced with a metal rod, putting your body weight directly on the heels may cause problems.

Q. Is it much harder to go from a 2 inch heel to walking in a 5 inch heel ?

A. Yes, there is a big difference in the way you carry yourself. Don't panic, it only takes practice. Walking in high heels is like riding a bike. Master the art and you will never forget how.

Q. What if the strap is too long or too short for my ankle ?

A. If the strap is too short, we are sorry. We try to create a universal length that will work for everyone. (We don't have different size straps available) There is a possibility that your local shoe repair could insert a piece of elastic. If the strap is too long, that's easy. Simply place the strap on a piece of wood (The finished side of the strap facing down). With a small nail, use a hammer to punch as many new openings as you need. Then cut the excess length off and seal the edge with super glue. (It will dry clear).

Q. There is a small spot of glue on my shoe, how do I get it off ?

A. Lighter fluid. Yes, ordinary lighter fluid applied to a white rag will remove the glue. Just use a small amount at a time.

Q. My heel taps wear out so fast !

A. Most shoe manufacturers now use a plastic heel tap. The plastic will not last as long as rubber. For about $ 5.00 your local shoe repair can put rubber ones on. We do enclose an extra pair of heel taps with our shoes. To replace them, simply remove the old taps with a pair of pliers. Put the new taps in and pound the shoe on a hard surface to set the new tap in place.

Q. Will PVC Stretch ?

A. PVC will stretch but not as quickly or as much as leather will.

Q. Can you deliver to my PO Box ?

A. Yes. When a credit card is involved, we need the exact billing address for verification. We can keep mailing and shipping addresses completely separate.

Q. Do you think they will match my outfit ?

A. Describing color is very difficult to do. We make every effort to make our images as color accurate as possible. Color is a matter of perception and so is fashion. There is no right or wrong to fashion. If it makes you feel good, go for it !

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